Sunday, November 14, 2010

Everything has a Purpose

Inspiration: To continue to let go on my ego's need for fulfillment and simply live from my truth.

Greetings. Hope everyone is having a "sweet" Autumn. The weather here in NYC these past few days is in the 60's. So great. Almost feels like springtime. Infinite possibility.....:-)

It's amazing that you never really know how you or something you do reaches another. When I started writing this blog about a year and half ago, it was because I was guided by my "intuitive" counselor that this is something that would be helpful. For creative expression and reaching more people.  As far as computers and techy stop goes, I really have no interest. So it was a challenge for me to set this up ( although much easier now) on eblogger.

So over time I have been scribing less and less. Partially because I am busier and partially because I have much to say and find it difficult to limit to one posting.  Well, today here I am. My inspiration comes from a post written back in September about a lovely yoga teacher in NYC whose classes I frequent. Somehow, he found this and reached out in appreciation. My initial response was a feeling of deep gratitude and then a "friendly" reminder that I need to keep this up. It doesn't matter how many people this touches, just that I keep this going in some small way.

A reminder that I really love sharing my ideas and inspirations, and hey "who knows". The saying " you never know where god is." Well yesterday was a glimpse when this teacher sent me a lovely message via facebook.
Thank you Adrian Molina. AWESOME yoga teacher and inspirational healer.

So let the message today be to live from your highest truth, without expectation. Do what you love; what brings you joy.  When you are coming from a place of expanded awareness and appreciation, the world will open up to you in miraculous and exciting ways.......

Have a "sweet" Sunday.

With Love, Denise

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