Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Interpretation Of Thanksgiving

Inspiration: To honor, give thanks and bless each and every moment.

Hope you all had a very "sweet" Thanksgiving. As most people in the U.S. gather with family and friends for this "grateful" day, there are some of us who have our own interpretation. For me personally, I couldn't wait to sleep in, have a "peaceful" workout and check out a movie.

Thursday was a rainy day in New York City. I awoke without a feeling of obligation. In advance, it was discussed that my family would most probably not gather together for various reasons. So there was acceptance by all parties. That said, I decided I would take a much needed "me" day.:) That may sound selfish to some, but it is what I call "taking care of oneself".

So taking care of myself was the theme of the day. Did I feel a bit or remorse not seeing family? Maybe a bit but the intention of the day was for me to feel good and express my version of gratitude to myself while silently blessing others.

The day began with some silence, a long workout, and trip to the movie theater where I got to escape my thoughts for two hours. When I left, I felt energized and stopped at the market for some ready made organic chicken (Fairway was still open). This may seem sad to some, but to me it was just what I needed. What my soul needed to do for that day. What does your soul need? Thoughts???

Have a very "peaceful" Saturday.

With Love, Denise 

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