Thursday, December 23, 2010

To Live in the World But Not be of The World

Inspiration: To continue to participate in life more fully.

For many years, I have been a on a deep, interior journey into the core of my being. It first began when I was 29 years of age, in a totally different place. Without going into story, I asked the question out loud "There has to be another way to do this, because this way of living is not for me." I was extremely unhappy.

Fast forward to December 2010 at 44 years young. I was living in California from 2000-2003 with a man I thought would be a lifelong partner. During this time, I completely abandoned my spiritual beliefs and what had sustained me prior. After this ended, I was back in NYC committed to begin my life in a whole new way. Through a series of events, both physical and emotional, my world as I knew it was transformed profoundly. Many times the great suffering we are asked to endure, is necessary to bring us to where we are headed.

So after many introspective and contemplative years, I am ready to enter the world in a much more grounded, secure and spirited way. The deep appreciation I feel now go way beyond words. I am so grateful for all of my teachers and "guides" who have stood by, waiting for me to birth this new chapter. Being an Aries, first sign of the Zodiac, I tended to be an all or nothing person. All the way or no way. You get my drift.:-) Now I am integrating all that I have learned and experienced without completely losing myself as I have done prior.

Mind you, it takes me many a ritual and prayer to be here. There is truth and protection through "communing" each day in some small way. Whether it be a walk in nature or a meditative practice, quieting down is essential if we are to be able to be among this world, but not lose ourself to this world.

My wish is for all of us to find our way with ease, beauty and grace.

Have a very "sweet" evening.

With Love, Denise

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