Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend in Woodstock

Inspiration: To bottle the feelings and dreams I experience.

This past weekend, I spend with friends at their country home in Woodstock New York. I have been here a number of times before. The feelings and "openness" I experience when I am here is truly amazing. Being in a natural environment,in the midst of the trees and gorgeous pastures, fill my breathe with ease. They say, there is an energy or vibration to every place and it truly is special here.

I spent two glorious days practicing yoga, sleeping in the grass, reading, eating and just feeling the endless possibilities that exist. There is true "clarity" when I am here. No stress whatsoever or worry as when I am in the big city. I am a rather active person, always needing to be moving, but here I am comfortable just doing virtually nothing.

One of my favorite spots in town is a lovely bookstore named Mirabai.They have a separate room with Hindu statues along with decorative wall hangings and djembe drums. I could spend hours alone in this room .This is where I feel the forces greater than myself. Whether you below in Buddha, Kuan Yin, Ganesha or Nataraja(you say who is that?), it does not matter. This room envelops you even if you do not know why. The main room houses many books on subjects such as heath, wellness, spiritually and shamanism. There is something for everyone here. They also have beautiful crystals, cards, jewelry and household adornments. Definitely worth checking out if you find yourself in this beautiful place.

Also,there a numerous eclectic places to eat. From authentic mexican to vegan, there are many types of dining that cater to everyone. I leave knowing that tranquility is just a short trip away whenever I need to recharge my "spirit". Shortly , I will return to the big apple. I will keep my fond memories of how I yearn for the dream of living in a more natural environment. I know one day, my wish will become a reality. Until then,I will surround myself with people and experiences that bring me joy. What are your dreams? Dream big. Anything is possible if you believe....:)

With Love,

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