Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Heart Of Yoga: Mark Whitwell

Inspiration: To continue to be amazed by the teachers that are here, now.:)

For some time now, I have written about my love of yoga. Yesterday,
I was honored to be in a workshop that offered me a completely new way of viewing this practice. It is called THE HEART OF YOGA. It is not focused on alignment, but the joy of feeling our intimacy with life right now. We are already where we need to be. There is no destination. Mark Whitwell is the teacher of this way of doing and being Yoga. It is for everyone. All ages and fitness levels. The focus is on breathing. Mark is in NYC at this time because of the Yoga Conference at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck. He is originally from New Zealand but resides somewhere in California. In his spare time here, he is giving classes this week at both Vira Yoga and Yogaworks, in Soho. I was guided to go. I knew meeting him would change my perspective.

The class I took happened to be at 2:00 PM in the afternoon. When I saw there would be less than 10 people in class, I knew this would be "intense." He kindly introduced himself to all of us, personally. When I met him he said to me " I am here to teach you." I believe this was said to me, specifically and boy was it. His focus was on the breathe, which is something I constantly reinforce in my own teachings. Funny enough, the joke (not really) was on me. My inhalation was not deep enough as far as the ujay, yogic breath. He explained that this is our receptivity to life. This has been something I have been asked to work on by my dear teacher, Elana. I had found the missing link !!!!

All along, it was really simple. The breathe. Not just any breathe, but the deep inhalation. Mark was repeatedly checking to see if my breathing was correct. He was very funny and warm. At one point he said " Don't try, it will come." This was a welcomed comment. It was a mirror for me to just allow, or receive what is. By the end of class he said I was the most improved and should get a gold star !!! It just shows me that we are always given the people and tools that we need. Receptivity, to the breathe, allows receptivity to life.

Again, tomorrow, I will experience this great teacher.
Vira Yoga:: 2-3:30 PM Thursday (580 Broadway in Soho.)

Have a very "peaceful" day.
Namaste, Denise

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