Friday, August 28, 2009

The Heart of Yoga (continued)

Inspiration: To continue to learn and study with great masters.

Yesterday I had my second of two workshops with Mark Whitwell at Vira Yoga. I am so happy I attended both trainings and look forward to pursuing more. He is the real deal. His approach to yoga is one of simplicity. It is for everyone. "Yoga is your intimacy with life". It is not about a strict doctrine of perfect postures but about
"Strength receiving". The masculine surrendering to the feminine in both the male and female. We are all striving so hard for outward acquisitions and acknowledgements. The real gift is in the surrendering to our breath and body relationship.Then can we really experience the magic in our ordinary lives. This is what Mark has to teach. A true genius.....For those who are interested, his book is called "The Heart of Yoga". I am most definitely going to read this ASAP.

Today during yoga class, I did my best to put these principles into use. It is a challenge when the sometimes "gymnastic" nature of a teacher causes you to focus on the movement in lieu of conscious breathing. AS with everything, this is a process that I will slowly begin to integrate into my practice and into my work and life.
I invite you to rediscover your intimacy with your breathe and the deep connection to the life sustaining force it provides.

Namaste, Denise

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