Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On Exercise

Inspiration: To surrender to what is, not what I want it to be.

Now let's talk about exercise. Let us look at it from a different perspective. We are in a time of great change, especially the economic climate. Many of you may feel stressed. It is real but the collective consciousness is instilling even more fear and lack than is actually here now. The best way to move through this is through exercise. The better you feel, the more you will be able to bring into your life what you truly desire. When our energy is low, we are not at our best and therefore cannot muster up what is necessary to steer our way through the cobwebs that may be present . When there are "blockages" we are literally blocked from receiving and listening. It is essential now, to honor oneself and in that honoring you will be able to move mountains....)

The work I do is Yoga-Based Intention Training. In each session, the breathe is the most important element. It is breathe followed by the movement. Both have to be in sync. Sessions combine aspects of strength, yoga and cardio. There is usually a theme that is weaved throughout. I also address injuries in an esoteric, but grounding way.

If this sounds a bit "spirited", have faith. On the physical level, here is a short list of what I have accomplished:

1-Completed five half-marathons.
2-Taught group fitness body conditioning and abdominal class for Equinox.
3- Yoga practitioner.
4-Medical Exercise Specialist.
5-Paul Chek NLC 1 Nutrition and Lifestyle counselor.
6-American Council of Exercise Personal Trainer

I am also creating a new brand of children's fitness. I will be giving my very first kids birthday party at Club H Fitness on May 31, 2009.

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Have a very "peaceful" day.

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