Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend in NYC

Inspiration: To be true to what makes me feel good.

I cannot believe how fast time goes. It is already memorial day weekend !!! Here in the big apple, we transition from our boots to sandals overnight.

This is a time to be expressive in who we are. There is freedom in the warm weather. I get to where my Birkenstocks which are my favorites shoes.......My first pair was in 1993 and I could not believe I spent $ 90 on the ugliest pair of shoes I thought imaginable. Years and pairs later, these have seen my flat foot through many a joyous time. Needless to say, these are great for plantar fasciitis, broken toes and bunions. A great place to purchase these is on Amazon. You can even get a deal !!! My second favorite thing is to wear my cut off levi shorts. I still have two pairs from over a decade ago. This is an indication if my physical body is still where it was. I can happily say it is. Here I am, 43 and rocking birks and cut offs. Maybe you are more of a "designer" gal or guy. Whatever "inspires" you.

The point is, at any age you can "rock it". I have to admit, it does commitment.
My five (sometimes six days a week) of physical activity has shifted to include days of yoga in lieu of gym workouts. It is not necessary to work out this often. My intention is to inspire. Since this is my vocation, I have to walk the walk. :)

It has been a weekend of yoga for me. I took class on both Saturday and Sunday. There is an eclectic studio in Tribeca called Kula Yoga. I go there once a week to change the trajectory of my daily work/live life on the Upper west side. I also took a class at Equinox whose instructor I have been meaning to try. It is important to change your scenery now and then. Otherwise, you get "stuck" in the same day to day and visual. Yoga truly is my bliss....:) It grounds me in the midst of my mindful chatter.

What makes your heart sing? Are you taking steps to get there?


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