Thursday, September 23, 2010

What is Boredom Really?

Inspiration: To find my way through inertia which creates boredom.

Exactly what is boredom. One dictionary definition is "boredom is an emotional state experienced during periods lacking activity or when individuals are uninterested in the opportunities surrounding them." This about sums up my present feelings. Don't get me wrong, I am "grateful", just a bit restless. Restless because events are not unfolding, connections have not yet come to fruition, and my work is shifting.

That is the big one for me. Work or career. For the past fourteen plus years I have been in the health and fitness arena. The majority of this work has centered around training others to be stronger, leaner, or just a better version of themselves. Most recently, I am finding I enjoy being in a gym less and less. In the short term, this is a bit scary because it is presently my sustanence.

As I continue to be drawn to yoga and the healing arts, it makes me a bit sad to be surrounded by hard-core, aggressive people. Really because I have been one of them. This softening is new to me. In the past, I have used the physical to "escape" my true feelings. Sitting with these emotions can sometimes pierce right through you.

So again, now I am bored. Bored with the present day to day mundane. What to eat, who am I training now, when do I workout or do yoga. This is getting old, rather boring. I pray and seek "guidance" on a daily basis; from within. These answers are unfolding at a snails pace. Mostly because I do not like what is coming through.

How are you feeling today? Are you content or wishing things were different. We all go through these periods. How do you handle them? Sometimes, just an acknowledgment is required. Then from that space, you have a frame of reference.

What is really going on? For me personally speaking, this boredom arise because I am not living my truth to the fullest. Waiting for a genie in a bottle to grant me my wishes, when in truth, I am in control of my thoughts and actions. Divine intervention does help though......

Have a very "peaceful" evening.

With Love,

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