Sunday, August 8, 2010

Marathon Runners and Yoga

Inspiration: To continue to share with others what I have learned.

Running. A fantastic way to connect with the nature elements (if you go outside). An opportunity to let your soul be free....All it takes is a pair of decent sneakers and appropriate clothing.

Most recently, I have began to jog again after many years on hiatus. The reason being, I did not know how to do this in a balanced way. After numerous injuries and imbalances, I felt it best to take a break and focus on this. While some do still exist, I am listening to the best of my ability how often, how long and how much to partake in.

This morning, I taught yoga class for a friend of mine. It was a small group which really gives me the opportunity to focus on each individual. After class, I found out that two of the students were preparing for a marathon. They both said how much better they felt after class ( a challenging one), since they had done a fourteen mile run the day before.

As a fitness expert, I shared with them the importance of integrating this practice as much as they could to "SAVE" them from potential injury and more imbalance. While I did not know know they were runners in class, I did notice how tight their hamstrings and hips were. Typical of most people and especially those who continually perform sagittal plane movements in excess.

Repetitive movement and stress over time, especially as a distance runner, can cause the physical body severe damage. It is essential to integrate some structured form of a stretching protocol. Just as one needs to clock in their weekly miles, one also needs to "clock" in a sufficient amount of time to bring the body back to equilibrium.

So for those runners out there, surrender your ego and allow some ease into your world. I wish I had know this in my days of running half-marathons. Thought it was NORMAL to run with tight hamstrings. Now, I know better.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love,

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