Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hot "Caponyasa" Yoga

Inspiration: To continue to explore new teachers and styles of yoga.

This past week, I took my first-ever "HOT" Yoga class. This was a Pure Yoga West in NYC. The teacher was Carlos Rodriguez, a young- spirited yogi. He has created a new style of yoga called "Caponyasa". This class is a fusion of yoga, martial arts and capoeira. An eclectic mix.

Class started with a brief meditation asking us to honor our solar plexis, our third chakra, our place of power and self-esteem. We began to flow right away into a series of high lunges, warrior two and core plank variations. Then after a few minutes the fun began.:) Balancing with martial art movement, cartwheels into back bends, a place for letting go. This all moved in a 360 degree fashion; facing all four corners of the room. It is not for the faint at heart. It is "high" energy, fluid and creative. There is really not a moment to drift off or you will find your in a class of your own creation.

Normally, I do not have sweat dripping off of every corner of my body. Since the room was heated to 90 + degrees I can say I did. Now I understand why practitioners enjoy the heat. Your body is warmed up and usual tight places are much looser, allowing for more fluidity of movement. Toxins and more toxins are cleared due to the increased heat and sweat pouring out from your body.

For those interested in weight loss, this is a given if you take hot yoga. Unless it is, you eat way more than you should. Which is okay too. Now, I can add another type of discipline into the mix when I feel the need for more creativity, heat and more heat.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love,

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