Saturday, October 17, 2009

Women and Cardiovascular Exercise

Inspiration: To do less and accomplish more.

Cardiovascular exercise. You see women repeating this activity constantly, in the hopes of achieving the perfect weight. The funny thing is, this is not your ticket. Especially as we age, it is imperative to do weight bearing activities. By this I literally mean lifting weights and doing yoga.

The body is a well-oiled machine. It is very, very smart. If it knows it is going to go running 5 days a week, it goes on automatic. The metabolism finds a place where it is comfortable. Your metabolism is heightened for about an hour. Then it goes back to its normal rate. Enter weight training. YEAH !! This gives us an opportunity to increase our metabolic rate 24/7. The more muscle we have, the faster our ability to burn fat. Many women shy away from this because they think they will build bulk.

Just as a frame of reference, I am a 111 pound woman, who does 30lbs for a single arm chest press. For biceps curls, I can lift 15 pounds easily. I share this with you for purely illustrative purposes, not to "brag" about my strength for a small framed woman. What makes us get larger, is the amount of food, the timing of food and portions of food.

It is a difficult journey for most women. My intention is to show women and men, that at any age, they can be, have and look as they dream. It takes courage and a willingness to be honest with ourselves.

I invite you all to look deeply at your inner and outer selves.

Have a "wonderful" day.

Warmly, Denise


  1. The most important aspect of a cardio routine can also be the most difficult to achieve, that is, regularity. The maximum benefits of cardio training are realized when someone exercises on most days of the week. This is because the effects of the exercise aren’t permanent, although they are accumulative.

    A good cardio exercise routine has many positive health effects, such as:

    Improving muscle strength
    Reducing body fat
    Increasing energy levels
    Lowering blood pressure
    Increasing the level of good cholesterol
    Decreasing the risk of coronary artery disease
    Strengthening the heart
    Improving control of blood sugar levels
    Improving circulation

  2. Thank you for your input. You are correct in those respects. My intention was to bring awareness to women of the importance of integrating resistance training into the mix.:)