Thursday, October 8, 2009


Inspiration: To live your best life now.

The above is the title of the best-selling book by Joel Osteen. For those of you unfamiliar with him, he is a well-know pastor of Lakewood Church. He has a weekly broadcast on television. In each session, he provides a truly inspirational and uplifting approach to life. Although he is religious, his teachings have a theme and can be applied in all of our lives.

I have just begun to read this book. In the first few pages, he speaks about us enlarging our vision. If our vision is not large, how can we hope for great experiences to come into our existence. " What you think about expands", is a quote I recall from "Conversations with God."

So it is true for many of us. WE say we would like things to change, instead of living the change in this moment. This is the place where miracles abound. I invite you all to take a closer look about what you are envisioning for yourselves. A thought and/or belief can be changed. The time is now. Life your best life Now.

May you all have a very "peaceful" and blessed day.

With Love,

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