Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Striving vs. Allowing

Inspiration: To move forward in an authentic way.

So many of us have goals and desires. We constantly push with our thinking mind to get things done. While this is beneficial, there comes a point where we must stop. We now must allow the fruits of our labors to manifest at the right time.

Last night, I attended a monthly group meditation meeting at the Cultural Center. Tony Leroy, a gifted intuitive, leads these seasons. The theme was " What are we striving for? How do we get there?" Interestingly enough, for the majority of us there, it was really to let go and receive. Stop thinking it is going to show up in a certain way according to our expectations. This is easier said then done. It takes an open heart, practice and patience.

I invite you all to look at those things in your lives you are striving for. Take the necessary actions steps, and allow a space for the miraculous to enter.

Have a very "peaceful" and heart-filled day.

With Love,

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