Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pure Acceptance of the Moment

Inspiration: To graciously accept the present moment regardless of what transpires around me.

Greetings. Last night was the second workshop I have given since I have been affiliated with Club H Fitness, a gym in Hell's Kitchen NYC. The advertising was limited by the club and I did my best to get the word out. Regardless of how many people attended, I was going to share my heart and give lovingly.

I arrived a bit early. Prior there was an issue with space. I did not have an enclosed room without loud music blasting in the background. I was told to hold this workshop in the lounge area, where people gather to eat or drink high protein energy shakes.
Not the most Zen experience. Then, I was told I could use an open stretch area upstairs, but would have to allow any members access to stretch while the seminar was going on.

So here I am, getting ready to set up in the open stretch area. I go into the yoga studio to retrieve blankets to make it more intimate and comfortable. There inside were two people exercising. There was no class going on or a sign not to go in. So I proceeded inside. As I walked in I saw Trudie Styler, Sting's wife with an instructor. I was off guard. I apologized for interrupting and grabbed about 10 blankets and piled them on my back. AS I left I looked like the hunchback of Notre Dame. So now I head upstairs with blankets in tow. Set up and leave for a moment. Upon my return, there are no blankets. Where did they go? Maintenance removed them.

As it turned out, the workshop was held in the lounge area. It was a small group, but the message of the evening was well- received. It was about how to enter 2010 gracefully and embrace change; The Mind, Body and Spirit Paradigm. A candle was lit and the space cleared of any stagnant energies that would obstruct the flow of intention I was desiring to produce.

Upon completion, we all blew out the candle and made a wish. It was very magical, for me. When I arrived home, I received an email from management asking me for the exact number of people and not to light a candle. There was an emphasis on the numbers. As my mentor, friend and teacher Elana Kilkenny reminds me, it is not about the quantity. It is about showing up fully no matter how many are present and giving your whole heart. In a corporate environment, I believe this may be difficult to digest as numbers are what drive revenue. But just as we drop a pebble into water, such is the seed I have planted last night. Over time, I look forward to this trickling out effect and inspiring those people that are meant to be inspired.

I wish you all much peace, light and love.

Warmly, Denise

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