Friday, January 15, 2010

Constistency and Commitment

Inspiration: To stay the course until the manifestation occurs.

So many of us desire to take ourselves to another level. Whether it be personal or professional, at some point, we all wish for things to be different. Wishful thinking is just that, wishful thinking. There are the action steps we need to take to make our dreams come true.

Moment by moment, each day, consciously decide what is truly important to you. Do your best not to get caught up in the when and hows. Take risks. Go outside of you comfort zones in addition to doing the necessary grounding work. Actively take action. Whether it is reading relevant material, contacting someone who could help or lifting your mindset to a new level.

It is not easy. But with practice, over time, miraculous transformations will occur beyond your wildest dreams. Stay positive, stay connected and remain loving.


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