Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Cat Came Back

Inspiration: To continue to believe in the kindness and compassion of others.

Walking down the street last week en route to yoga class, I noticed something odd...A cat running loose on West End Avenue. I wasn't the only one to notice this. There was a couple nearby who also seemed a bit concerned seeing this adorable creature roaming the city streets.

Our paths collided and we were trying aimlessly to stop this fearful cat from running under the nearby parked cars and possibly into the street. Finally, we were able to corner it in the entrance of a small building while eagerly attempting to look at the collar adorning its neck. Moments later, another woman walks by seeing what was transpiring and offering assistance.

After locating the cat's owners number, a phone call was placed. As I overhead the exchange, it appeared that the owner who answered the phone, seemed to be quite non-chalant. As if it was normal for a cat to be out and about. They didn't (at least from the tone of her voice) appear to think this was an urgency. Yes, cats should definitely roam freely when then need a bit a fresh air; especially in NYC. Don't you think?

Anyway, I had moments to arrive at my evening yoga catharsis (cleansing) but was able to stroke the cat along with a fearful and nervous man who was crouching to keep him from running away. So there were four of us; me stroking, the guy holding, and the other two woman eagerly awaiting the owner to show up.

Minutes later he arrives. I slowly apologize (in the distance) for having to take off but I manage to overhear the owner saying something like, "Oh, where was he. He usually goes only on this block." To him it was no big deal.

To the others present, it was a very big f**kin deal ! Just goes to show you, there are many levels of awareness, caring and urgency. What really hit me was that it was a reminder that what one person views as urgent, another views as it's no big deal.... But what I did love about this incident, was the kindness and compassion by complete strangers who were desperately trying to keep the cat out of harms way.

Always remember, there is kindness all around. What you reap you sow. One day, you may need help in some way. Why not be there for others. It's good KARMA. Just saying....

With Love, Denise

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