Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Inspiration: To continue to believe that love moves mountains...

It has been said, there are many that walk the earth as Avatars and Saints. Last Friday, I was honored to be blessed by one of them; the beloved Amma, who travels the globe sharing her message of unconditional love and healing. She is widely known for changing the trajectory of ones life just by giving them a simple (but intensely loving) embrace.

Last year I attempted to go see her and feel her magnificence. To receive a hug from her, you must arrive many hours early to receive a token. Depending on the turnout, you may have to wait much much longer than you think an individual could bear. Some ten plus hours (for this saintly hug).

Recently, I have been thinking about her and was given sign one when a favorite yoga teacher of mine announced after class that she would be in town. A part of me knew it would be beneficial for to go, but my resistance and "ego" didn't want to spend an entire day and night at  the Jacob Javitz Center in Midtown NYC. Sign two came a day later when I was on the subway traveling uptown. A woman with her girl asked me, "Did you just come from seeing Amma?" It must have been the garb I was wearing. She had shared she just had come from there and felt truly amazing! So I knew for sure the UNIVERSE was definitely tell me to GO. But which day?

I decided upon Friday as it seemed best with my schedule. The morning of, I sat in meditation asking that my time visiting with Amma devotees and layman (as myself) be as ease full as possible. That the day unfold as it was meant to; with complete surrender to possibly being there ten plus hours. In the afternoon sign three came. Upon arriving at my gym to workout, reluctantly and tired I may say, I see a paper posted on the door that says, "Gym closed from 12-4pm for annual picnic." WOW!!! So I bolted down to the Javitz Center and was there by 3pm.

Upon arriving I had asked, "Where is the token line?" Since I was quite early for the evening program, I was the second person in line. Mind you, the place was still quite full with food vendors and concession stands filled with jewelry, clothing, books and Amma completing the morning program with hugs. I was then told by person numero uno to go and get a time card. What this does is give you some sort of precedence in seeing Amma. Without the whole story, I am so glad I did. While waiting on line to be seated, I met some truly wonderful people. One, a dear acupuncturist and a another "soulful", spiritual couple that just radiated divine light. This made the wait to be seated for the evening program leaving me with an inner sense of serenity and peace.

After all of this waiting, I was finally seated, in the fourth row of center. So excited!!! The evening program was divine and I had two encounters with people I knew before receiving my divine hug. My friend had spotted me on the way to the louve during the chanting. When I went over to her and her husband, I had immediately noticed she was wearing the exact same mediation scarf as I in a lilac purple (and she is a stylist and designer). The second encounter was when the girl seated next to me on the aisle got up for a bit. I then look down and see my friend, who last year was my hug from Amma. Meaning he gave me a divine hug.:) What are the chances of him just showing up at almost 9pm sitting on the floor next to me in a crowded venue?

Finally, hugging time came. I was filled with excitement. What would I silently ask of her? Should I be specific? A practice for me has been to truly surrender any expectations and attachments on outcome. When my turn came, I bowed down before her. The embrace was complete and total surrender. Tears falling from my eyes. I have never experienced such pure bliss, unconditional love in the presence of another. A divine encounter. When it was over I received a chocolate hersheys's kiss and some rose petals (as did everyone). I was touched by an unbelievable light. So full of gratitude. :)

It was just before 10:30pm when I departed from the venue. The whole time I was there was 7.5 hours. Thank you SPIRIT, for making this day so magical. A day I will hold close to my heart and soul. So dear ones, be mindful and surround yourself with individuals and group that raise your frequency. In other words, where your energy vibrates at a higher octave. From this space, anything is possible...

With Love and Many Blessings,

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