Monday, June 24, 2013

Yoga: The REAL Truth

Inspiration: To continue to deepen my practice of the healing benefits of Yoga...

Yoga, yoga and more yoga....Studios are opening by the month across the country and probably the world. It has become a billion dollar industry. Apparel, trainings, retreats, festivals,you name it. This is a wonderful thing, to help others connect to their true self, their highest potential. But it seems like with anything else, things are a bit out of alignment.

This morning on facebook I came across a video posted by a celebrity yoga teacher who works with Jennifer Aniston. How to get a body like Jen? Really people, you have to be f**kin kidding. Yoga is not meant to be  a "workout". Yes, it is a physical  practice but this is only 1/8 of what yoga is. It is the 3rd limb of yoga; ASANA. What about the other 7 ???

Being both a fitness and yoga teacher and practitioner, I have to admit I quite was taken a back (putting it mildly). This is not a judgment but a deep reflection and observation. Yes, yoga does provide a very active and physical element but I think many are missing the point. It is to become aware, to be present so that there is space within to see clearly what is most important. To live our lives from a place of authenticity and wholeness.  That is what it is for me anyway. It helps to rewire the nervous system, negative patterns and beliefs so we become a more integrated, conscious being. Yoga facilitates healing on a very "deep" core level.

So the next time you think about yoga, think about the entire premise. An energetic system of healing to becoming whole: In mind, in body and of course in SPIRIT! Think about that and have a very blessed day.
OM Shanti.

With Love, Denise

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