Monday, May 13, 2013

The Two Moons

Inspiration: To continue to be surprised by anything...

This REALLY happened! While the above title may imply the literal meaning of a moon, it is not. It refers to the nakedness of one's backside. I know this may seem a bit weird, but this past week I got a glimpse of two moons in the same day. Let me explain.

Moon One...I was working with a home client while her husband was getting ready for his day. We usually work in the living room, but I happened to be standing in the hallway for a moment. Then, suddenly I turn around, and see nakedness from behind. It was a brief moment, as this gent was making his way from the bathroom into the bedroom which appeared to be a foots distance away.

Moon Two...In the brownstone building I reside, we are lucky enough to have someone home all hours of the day in addition to the UPS man having a key. I had noticed a small package for my downstairs neighbors and thought it may be important. So I make my way down the stays to their ground level apartment. I hear dogs barking and a baby crying. Then the bellow out of the dad's mouth. Oh God, I say. Perfect timing. Anyway, I didn't want to add to the noise level so I gently knocked on the window. No reply. Then I pier into the apartment and I see dad, butt naked holding his son. Okay, whatever. So I then ring the doorbell.

I share this with you reading because in my whole incarnation living in New York City, I have never witnessed a "mooning". Not deliberately, but it was clearly a MOON. And two in one day!!! I have to think the Universe is speaking to me in some way as I view all of life's messages as some sort of sign. I cannot even hazard a guess as to what this means or do I even attempt to try. It was just simply unexpected, hilarious and funny all wrapped up in one surprising moment.

It is these unexpected moments, signs, inspirations that keep life vibrant. Often comical at times and even bizarre. It is within these musings, that you have to believe there is an intelligence far beyond our comprehension, running the show...So the next time something seemingly awkward happens, just smile and take that as a amusement from the divine.

Have an amazingly blessed day!
With Love, Denise

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