Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The POWER of Affirmations

Inspiration: To continue to believe in the POWER of our words.

Words hold creative power, creative potential. What we say, feel and do will at some point create our external (and of course internal) experiences. It could be spoken, thought or written. But truth be told, when we can SEE what we are speaking, thinking and believing it has the innate ability to show us where we are going.

One of my fav's is: " I am a magnet for Divine ................. You fill in the blanks. Some powerful words are abundance, prosperity, love, guidance. All stating that you are already that and are accepting and creating the space to receive it. But however, there is one caveat. You have to believe it. One can say or scribe, " I am in a loving, committed, romantic relationship" but if you do not feel worthy or ready, what you get is just that. The feeling of unworthy and not ready which will not bring your desire to fruition.

Recently, I have been thinking of creating a gigantic mural in spray paint of affirmations. Just the thought of creating something BIG makes me feel expansive. So by scribing this here, I am making myself accountable (at least at some point anyway) to do this. Creativity brings expansion. Expansion brings space. Space brings possibilities....

So what it it that you have been thinking, feeling and desiring??? Write it down. Shout it out. Claim it as if it is already yours. The UNIVERSE loves this! It is saying a great big Yes to whatever you are. Whatever you desire to make manifest. Believe in you, believe in the power of your words. Marinate on that for a bit. And shine your gorgeous, great, big "beautiful" lights!

From my heart to yours.
With Love, Denise

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