Monday, October 18, 2010

Women, Food and Weight

Inspiration: To continue to listen to the needs of the body in each moment.

Many of us, especially women, wake up each morning with the intention of having a guilt-free eating day. By this I mean, " I am going to stick to my diet." In Spanish the word morir means to die. If we translate this into our daily life, we metaphorically do "die" when we deprive ourselves.

Depending upon your level of physical activity, it is essential to eat in a balanced way. We need a minimum of calories (somewhere around 1200 according to your metabolism) to sustain our bodily functions. The beating of our heart, the functioning of our brain and organs.  Add to the mix some exercise, and you can clearly see, it is not about being restrictive, or dieting.

This is actually counter-intuitive to lasting and healthy results. In the short-term, you will succeed in reaching your so-called "goals" of maintaining what you believe to be the perfect weight. But what really is perfect? Personally speaking, perfection is peace. To be at total peace with this moment. If a number on the scale brings you peace, what happens when it changes? That is really not peace at all.

In particular, women are held to such high standards by society and the media. We see airbrushed magazines of starlets that may make some of us feel less than. Truth be told, in real-life, (but Uma Thurman really is stunning), most women do not look like this.  At the very core, all of us just want to be happy. We all have our own set of circumstances, regardless of who we are.

So today, I lovingly invite you all to enjoy some sweetness. Yes, in the form of food. A "little" bit of something good, will go a long way. It will make you "happy".:-).

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love,

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