Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rest and Renewal

Inspiration: To connect with quiet time for insights and clarity.

Most times in our lives we are running. Literally; from one task to another. We rarely have time for introspection and deep thought. Unless, maybe in a yoga class.

As an avid practitioner of many types of movements, I rarely give myself the opportunity, or permission to rest. After a surgical procedure, this is exactly what I am doing. The things I took for granted, such as a short walk to the market, have now taken on a whole new meaning.

Recently, I have been watching Project Runway, again. Those people are just so talented. Many years ago I went to Mood Fabrics (which is where they purchase materials) for some creative pursuits. Watching this program has brought me to the realization I would like to learn how to use a sewing machine. To be playful with the process. Without this time of utter indulgence and "rest", I do not think I would have TAPPED into this yearning.

What is it that you are secretly wanting to explore? It is never too late to expand our vision.....our creative desire to learn something "NEW".

Each moment of each day is about presence. To what is. Without striving or thinking beyond that moment. It is in this space that we can connect to our creative self.

Be true to you.....Warmly, Denise

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