Saturday, November 7, 2009

On Health, Healing and (W)Holeness

Inspiration: To continue to nurture the body and soul with love.

As we mature, regardless of our blood pressure or genetic predispositions, there are variables outside of our conscious control that are at work.

Most recently, I have been humbled by having a surgical procedure for something I have been dealing with for a couple of years. Mind you, it was not "life-threatening". Just something that needed to be addressed. I tried numerous holistic modalities, which included making dramatic changes in the way I ate. Actually eating more, more often, and more balanced. That coupled with the love and support of alternative practitioners helped me to maintain a neutral position. Until recently.

The emotional body is a "strange" mechanism. There are no neutral thoughts. All thoughts have either a positive or negative charge. Without going into story, my thought forms preceded all the work I was doing physically. The magnitude increased and I was "guided" to go with a surgical route. This was actually a tremendous gift.

I have had judgements about the medical profession prior. I was fortunate enough to find a wonderful, kind, compassionate doctor who was skilled in a particular form of laproscopic surgery. I prayed to have the support of wonderful people who would be assisting him. "Spirit" is very funny, the anesthesiologist was a man from the Upper West Side (where I reside) who liked the Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers (as do I). This is the last thing I remembered before waking up in recovery.

As I return to wholeness, I will embrace this experience as an opening to go deeper; into self and the amazing people and possibilities that exist in this world.

I am so grateful to all the wonderful "Angels" that were there for me.:) A big "THANK YOU" to Dr. Charles Ascher-Walsh. And a continued thanks, to my mentor and friend Elana Kilkenny; whose love, support and intuitive abilities have guided me for many years.

With Gratitude,

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